B&G GROUP is a prominent Swedish industrial group with three brands, and exporting more than 60 countries with sister companies.

B&G GROUP’s core sectors are consumer products and healthcare. Additionally, the Group is active in Construction development in East Africa. Globally, B&G GROUP has developed and established Swedish quality Liquid soap ( ELSE), which aim to take in part among the world’s top providers. In addition, B&G GROUP has developed and established Baby diaper with Swedish quality.

The B&G Group’s mission is to be a pioneer of modern lifestyles that are healthy, high quality and sustainable. Accordingly, the Group encourages each of its companies to surpass established standards and raise consumer benchmarks of product and service quality. Through sponsorship and responsible corporate practices, it also promotes social and economic development that nurtures cultural and scientific activity, protects the environment and preserves scarce natural resources.

Professor in Signal processing. Formerly the rector of Lund University, and rector of Blekinge Institute of Technology. Board member of Sony Ericsson. Mr. Eriksson was Founder and CEO at Vinnova.
Chief Adviser